Wednesday, 10 December 2008

...the lost world

In 18 days, I will be here. The oldest and tallest temperate rainforest in the world atop the Errinundra Plateau, far East Gippsland.

I've been near here once, and it was the friggin Lost World I tell ya. I saw a fungus the size of a car. It was growing on a tree so big I couldn't work out where it began, but it seemed to end somewhere in the clouds.

Strange, primitive creatures inhabit this world. The elusive Long-footed Potoroo, Quolls, gliders. sooty owl and Jervis Bay tree frog. The government tells us that within the confines of the Errinundra National Park, we must tread lightly to protect this precious, pristine and remote wilderness.

But if you are VicForests, a state-owned enterprise, you can send bulldozers into the same ancient forests neigbouring the small park and turn large tracts of it into woodchips, sell it to Japan and then buy it in the form of expensive cardboard boxes. You can quite legally destroy the habitats of ICNN Redlist Endangered species, kill and displace rare and unique wildlife with heavy machinery, drop incendiary devices from helicopters to raze the stubble, and lay poison to kill the native animals that may venture into the moonscape to eat the monoculture regrowth. And not only will the goverment let you do this, they will subsidise you for it!

But remember, no camping outside the designated 4 tent campsite, take your rubbish home with you and don't brush your teeth within 20 metres of river and creeks. We don't want to trash this fragile environment, do we?.

Meanwhile we demand our impoverished neigbours stop logging their rainforests, and lay a large part of the solution for global climate change at their feet.

What's that all about then? I know we need wood but surely there are other ways to get cardboard boxes.

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At 11 December 2008 at 09:58 , Blogger Femikneesm said...

It just makes no sense at all. In fact, this post is making my head hurt. It's awesome to have TMATP back, by the way.

At 11 December 2008 at 15:22 , Blogger Kath Lockett said...

Of course there is - we just need to recycle the ones we've already got - just take a peek at your previous photo - Ardberg - that should go straight into the yellow-topped wheelie bin.

Seriously though, hypocrisy seems to become more and more apparent the older and crabbier I get. We're told to have four minute showers and bucket-water our vege gardens, yet coca-cola can use millions of litres a day and then sell it to us for a million percent profit. Que?

At 11 December 2008 at 19:45 , Blogger The Man at the Pub said...

F - Sorry for hurting your head. It's a bit of a depressing post, but I've been really thinking about it lately and I got upset.

KL - But we do recycle Kath. Australians are some of the best recyclers in the world but we're producing and buying new paper more than ever! Gah.

It really does legitimately boil the blood when you think what some companies are allowed to do for the sake of a few jobs and old boy executives who seem to have governments wrapped around their little fingers. Our rainforests have so much more value protected and marketed to eco-tourists.


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