Wednesday, 23 December 2009

...pathetic post (too little, too late)

Sorry about that. I just popped off to the Bahamas for a while. Fought to the death with my nemesis who had nearly destroyed the world with a superweapon buried in his secret base under the floor of the Carribbean Ocean, snogging bikini clad women and drinking martinis from a Camelbak along the know, just the usual interstate man of mystery stuff.

On a more serious note, my friend who is a painter was mucking around with some of his apprentices last week and trying to fix a car when they spilled petrol on themselves. Later on they were driving, one of the passengers lit a cigarette and my mate's arm caught fire. So he wound down the window and stuck his arm out, just as a police van was driving the other way. He quickly pulled his arm in but the cops chucked a uey and pulled them over. Guess what he was charged with? Concealed firearm.

Re: babies and houses. All is very well. The bubba (Phoebe is in the lead of the namestakes. Phoebe the Foetus. I like that) and we settle on the 29th Jan after a relaxing week at the Prom.

Have a good Exmass and all that. One of my New Years Resolutions is to become a more devoted blogger next year, so I'll at least post something in early January.